KC Tow Lot Auction

Auction Walkthrough Preview

Check out this month's video walkthrough to see a visual preview of the cars and trucks coming up for auction.

Click here to see the list of vehicles at KCMO.org. You can sort the list by year, make, model, reason for impound, and key status.


Does it start and drive? Keys? Mileage?

This is an abandoned auto auction at the city impound lot. You won’t know if the vehicles run until after you buy them. Most do not have keys. All the info we have about the vehicles is on the website.

There is an in-person viewing on the second Tuesday of the month from 8am to 4pm, at 7750 E Front St.

What about a Title?

You won’t get a Title from us. The City impound lot will mail you a Missouri Abandoned Property Bill of
Sale. Because this is an official city document, you must contact the impound lot if you have any issues

with it. While almost every customer can use the Missouri Abandoned Property Bill of Sale to obtain a ti-
tle, we can not and do not guarantee that you will be able to. Please contact your DMV before bidding.

When will I get my Bill of Sale?

When you win (and pay), we give the City impound lot the address that you put in your bidder account.
If your address is not correct, you won’t get your Bill of Sale. Please allow three weeks from the auction
close for it to arrive.

(NOTE: when you put your address in your bidder account, leave the Company field blank unless you are
buying for a dealership.)

Do I need a salvage license?

No. Buyers do not need any special licenses. However, if you are buying as a dealer, you will need to
provide us with a valid dealer’s license.

When is the Auction?

There is an in-person viewing on the second Tuesday from 8am-4pm Central.

The auction opens for bidding on or before the second Tuesday of every month.

The bidding closes on the third Tuesday of each month at 5pm. It will close one lot at a time, every fifteen seconds, until all lots have been sold.

Any bids placed on a lot during the last 60 seconds will extend bidding on that lot. From 5pm Central to 7pm Central, bidding is extended by three minutes. After 7pm Central, the bidding is extended by two minutes.

After the last lot closes, you can view your invoice in your account on bids.oaikc.com. Typically, all lots are closed by 8pm Central. Payment is due the next day at the auction window on 7750 E Front St or via wire transfer.

What if I bid by accident?

Each bid you place is a BINDING and enforceable contract. You cannot retract bids. You are obligated to
pay for every vehicle that you win. There is a permanent ban for non-payment, which will prevent you
from bidding at all Marknet company auctions.

When do I pay?

Your invoice can be viewed from your account at bids.oaikc.com. There is a 10% buyer’s premium applied to your total bid amount, and a $25 per car administrative fee.

Payment is due the day after the auction. We accept cash
at the auction window at 7750 E Front St. Wire transfer is the only
other accepted form of payment. No checks, no cards, and no other
form of money transfer will be accepted.

We do not accept partial payments. Any unpaid lots will be offered to the next highest bidder. Non-payment results in a ban. Attempts to evade bans are reported as criminal activity to law enforcement.

Can I drive it home?

Vehicles have not been safety inspected and must be towed off the lot. You or your tow driver must arrive with towing equipment and a copy of your paid invoice to be allowed on the lot. Loadout times are 9am to 5pm Monday through Saturday and 9am to 3pm on Sunday.

Neither Official Auctions nor the impound lot have towing or loading equipment for you to use. We also do not ship. Buyers who need shipping are expected to make those arrangements before bidding.

Are there any other fees?

You are responsible for all additional fees and costs, including towing, transport, getting a key made, safety inspection, sales tax, titling, and registration. While almost every customer is able to obtain a title, we can not and do not guarantee that you will be able to.